Macrame Care

How to look after your Macrame

Macrame has been around for decades, and boy has it made a comeback.

But, what do you do now it’s hanging on your wall?

Well there are a couple of things you need to know;

  • Its made with string/rope so it’s probably going to look a little like we do when we get out of bed on New Year’s Day!
  • Its hanging on wood, normally driftwood, which over time will get dusty like everything else in our home.

How to care for your purchase;

  • Get yourself a wide tooth brush, nothing flash just the $2 k-mart hair brush will do. And start brushing any fringe that looks a little haywire. You can also spray your piece with a light fabric starch to help keep it looking divine, especially if  it’s hanging in a “breezy” room.
  • If it’s getting a little dusty, just grab your vacuum with the brush head and gently run it over the front and the wood to remove any dust. Please take extra care when working around the fringe or the ends of the rope.
  • We recommend you do these steps every few months to keep your piece looking amazing for the next few decades!

If you have any questions on Macrame Care please feel free to reach out to us, we are happy to help.